Actual Korean Food Dyed T-Shirts

Actual Korean Food Dyed T-Shirts


Dyed from actual kimchi (off-white) + curry (yellow)! For kimchi, the result is an off-white base with the stitches of the t-shirt slightly orange. The curry rice is a vibrant yellow.

The t-shirt’s inspiration come from growing up and eating Korean, a very action-based cuisine where you have to slurp noodles, wrap and combine foods, mix and cook as you eat. We recall so many annoying moments where food oils would splatter all over our clothes. This time we decided to embrace that fully and dye the whole garment in actual Korean foods. This one is dyed with kimchi stew.

The front is inspired by the zojirushi logo, a common Japanese rice cooker appliance brand in many Asian households.

T-shirt is slightly cropped and was patterned made by Providence, RI based streetwear brand ITERATION 13. Pattern is based off combining both mens + womens silhouettes for a unisex fit. We recommend getting your normal t-shirt size but please expect a cropped fit.

Each t-shirt is very different and ranges from none to many stray marks. Marks are made from rust from the dye process and are viewed as natural and beautiful addition to the design.

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So sorry, we are sold out of Bokbunja (Korean Plum wine t-shirts) in all sizes!

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